190-1 Yunoshima, Gero-city, Gifu 509-2207 Japan


Seasonal Kaiseki course

The menu changes depending on the season. we have several dining options ranging from banquet halls, private ryotei dining, to restaurant tables. Savor and enjoy seasonal, luxurious ingredients in our dishes prepared with the utmost care.

Hida beef (Supplemental charge)

We recommend:

Koshi Hikari

Koshi Hikari rice grown in water from the beautiful Maze River (Limited offer)
The rice served at Bosenkan is cultivated in water from the Hida Maze River, a waterway with the cleanest water in Japan. This rice's refreshing sweetness perfectly complements any dish, and draws out the flavors of each course.

Breakfast is set menu.

You can enjoy breakfast by the menu which is selected carefully with the ingredients I put together in a season.

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