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Open-air hot springs to enjoy the scenery of the four seasons

We are proud of our location at Bosenkan. As the name of the inn says, you can feel free and relaxed with the scenery as if connected to the river. While enjoying the scenery of the four seasons, relax in the hot springs. Then you can feel free and relaxed more than anywhere else.
As Gero is a hot spring located between mountains, it is luxurious for enjoying the greenery of the mountains and openness at the same time.

View of the four seasons


In spring, you can see cherry blossoms from the open-air bath. Cherry blossoms are flowers in which Japanese have a special attachment towards
[Ohanami (flower viewing)] is an event to enjoy spring, where we enjoy the view of pale pink cherry blossoms.
At night, we light up cherry trees and produce a fantastic atmosphere. This is where you'll feel Japanese culture.


In summer with beautiful greenery, let the sweat drip down in the hot spring. Enjoy the grace of nature, such as fresh green mountains, rivers babbling, and the winds of Hida. After bathing, cool down with a glass of draft beer at the Beer Garden, the event held at the Japanese garden♪


You can feel the flow of the season while looking at the scenery with red autumn leaves in the open-air hot springs.
As the temperature decreases, you'll start to miss the hot springs.
Enjoy the gradual flow of time and relax.


Compared to Takayama and other areas, Gero is not a snowy region even in winter. Yet, it is still covered with snow several times in a year. At a hot spring in snow, white scenery spreads over the steam. The warmth of the hot spring loosens the muscles.

Spring quality and energy of Gero hot springs

Gero hot spring is one of the three most famous hot springs in Japan, together with Kusatsu and Arima hot springs.

The hot water is transparent and odorless. It is popular with its mild touch to the skin.

The spring quality of Gero hot springs is a simple alkaline hot spring. Because the materials are as little as less than 1000mg per 1kg of hot spring water, it has less stimulation caused by the spring quality.

Thus, guests from young children to elderly folks can enjoy the hot spring.

In addition, a simple hot spring with pH value of 7.5 or more is called "a weak simple alkaline hot spring", and the one with pH value of 8.5 or more is called "a simple alkaline hot spring. "Both of them are effective for clean skin.
The water at Bosenkan has pH of 9.18. Of course, you can expect the beautifying skin effect. With the energy of the hot spring, you can also expect it working on Rheumatism, motor dysfunction, neurosis, nerve paralysis, illness recovery, fatigue recovery, and so on.

  • Water quality: Simple Alkaline hot spring
  • Water temperature: source = Celsius 55℃, use position 42℃
  • Indications: neuralgia, muscle pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, fatigue, illness recovery period, health promotion

Variety of hot springs

There are various types of baths at Bosenkan, other than an open-air hot spring, such as a guest room with a private open-air bath, footbath, and so on.

Bath for ladies

It is an open-air hot spring, where you can enjoy the view of the seasons and the spacious public bath.
The spring quality is fine-grained and easy to permeate into the skin. Thus, it is said to the hot spring of beauty.

Bath for gentlemen

The open-air bath of gentlemen has a breadth of about 20 tatami mats. You can go directly out to the open-air bath from the public baths.
From the open-air bath for gentlemen, you can see cherry trees. You can enjoy Ohanami in spring and autumn leaves in autumn.

Private open-air bath

There are private open-air baths at the garden of Bosenkan. There are two baths made with hinoki (white cedar). There is one bath made with rocks.
While watching the starry sky at night, listen to the babbling of the river and the winds. Hog the hot water of Gero and enjoy.
Reservations are required.

Private open-air bath
1 room 45 minutes / 2,160 yen ※Reservation is first-come-first-served basis on the day you book.

Guest room with a private open-air bath

At Bosenkan, there are types of rooms that include a private open-air bath.
You can also enjoy private open-air baths in rooms such as ""Shikisai"" and cottage-types called ""SansuiTei"".


There is a footbath at the of Bosenkan, which boasts a size of 1100 square meters.
In the middle of a garden stroll, you can enjoy the view of the Hida River and mountains while enjoying a footbath.

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